Ebell & Team Shot
Ebell & Team Shot

About Us


The "Service Experience"


Many of our servers and bartenders have worked for Très L.A. for five or more years. Clients love seeing familiar faces and they will regularly ask us for servers that they know personally. We don't use staffing agencies and all of our servers are required to go though service training before they step on the floor for us. We want to ensure that you will always have a knowledgeable, professional staff of ladies and gentlemen with positive attitudes.



The "Chef Experience"


We will send you a custom menu based on information that you provide on a menu questionnaire, but you will always have an opportunity to discuss your menu with our Chef in person or on the telephone. We want you to explore all of the possibilities of your menu and to create ideas as a collaborative effort based on your taste and budget. 


There is never a dull moment at the Très L.A. kitchen as we are constantly testing, compressing, dehydrating, evaporating and sometimes sphering. For the Très L.A. Kitchen team, it's about being playful with the classics and continuously creating new and adventurous menus. 


The "Tiny Noticeable Touches"


We love the tiny touches. We make our own ice cream, roll butter with seasonal herbs, have nice sea salts on the tables, provide warm house made baskets of bread. We know that these small details have a large impact on the guests' overall experience. It doesn't matter if your guest count is 50 or 500, we won't overlook the "TNT".


Like most college kids, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I started school. I grew up in Dallas, Texas and worked my way through The University of North Texas waiting tables and bartending. I enjoyed the work, but it was a means to an end and at the time, I really didn’t think of it as a life’s ambition. I finished with an Economics degree and enough knowledge to know that I didn’t want to be an Economist.


My real education began the week after I graduated from college. I sold my car and bought a one-way ticket to Paris and traveled through Europe and Asia for over a year. In every way, this time in my life brought me an awareness and appreciation for other cultures that I don’t think I could have ever absorbed had I stayed in Dallas.

When I came back home, I enrolled in the NYC theatre school Circle in the Square. I spent the next five years in New York as a quintessential struggling actor; which meant I was also a waiter and bartender.


I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but I landed a job as a Food and Beverage Manager at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. This is when everything came together. It soon led to me taking a position as the Food & Beverage Director at The Standard's sister property––the iconic Chateau Marmont Hotel. After several years of providing hospitality and cuisine in a way that caters to the specific tastes of the most discriminating clientele in Los Angeles, I felt confident in starting a brand of my own. A catering company at the highest level, paring exceptional cuisine with luxury hotel-caliber service. Tres L.A. was created in 2003.


In Tres L.A., my driving principle has been to leverage my past experience and deliver the same level of service, detail and visual appeal for our clients and their guests that I learned while working in the boutique hotel and restaurant industry. At the same time, foster a positive and spirited work culture for employees to grow and feel as if they are part of something more meaningful than just a stepping-stone in their journey.


In 2011 I purchased what is now known as The Carondelet House and in 2015, I purchased The Ebell of Long Beach. I approached the remodeling and design of both venues like a blank canvas where I could fully curate every aspect of my work experience, my education and my travels. And I’d like to think both venues have become a pure expression of my vision as a host––warm, inviting, stylish and above all else, timeless.  








Melissa Teigue is the Vice President of Tres LA Group and oversees all catering operations. Since joining the Tres LA team in 2008, she has been instrumental in growing the company from its humble beginnings (a staff of 2 in a studio office, to over 300 full and part-time employees, two venues and multiple catering outlets) it’s safe to say that Melissa’s experience is woven into the DNA of the company. 

A military brat, Melissa grew up traveling the world, bouncing between Air Force bases around the globe, but always leaving enough time to take in the culture and sample the local fare: from Japan to Panama to Hawaii to, yes, even South Carolina. Since landing in Los Angeles 19 years ago, she has dedicated her career to furthering that passion — partnering with world-class caterers and chefs to bring a style and an elegance to every event she oversees. 

Whether it’s a modern, contemporary menu or simply pizza and cheeseburgers (full disclosure: Melissa's preferred cuisine may or may not fall into that latter camp…), Melissa’s passion is food. Melissa started her career in the special events industry in 2006, working with the esteemed Wolfgang Puck Catering before accepting a position overseeing catering sales for the iconic restaurant, Joan’s on Third.

At Tres LA, Melissa is not only responsible for event operations, but also menu design, personnel and business development. Melissa prides herself in being an expert in industry trends and brings that expertise to every concept and experience she helps create.


Josh Ellsworth is the Executive Chef of Tres LA Group. Josh grew up in the heart of Los Angeles living and breathing food. At a young age he developed a passion for cooking by going to his family gatherings, being inspired by the way his grandmother cooked in the kitchen. 

After high school he decided to pursue his career by going to a small culinary school in West Lake Village. While he was attending school he started at the bottom working for fine dining restaurants and catering such as Melisse and Wolfgang Puck Group. Since 2010 he has been opening restaurants with SBE under his mentor Chef Daniel Elmaleh, opening different concepts such as Cleo and Hyde. 

Now he has taken the role as the executive chef for Tres LA Group bringing new and exciting food to our table.

Kitchen Team Picture
Kitchen Team Picture