The "Service Experience"

Many of our servers and bartenders have worked for Très L.A. for five or more years. Clients love seeing familiar faces and they will regularly ask us for servers that they know personally. We don't use staffing agencies and all of our servers are required to go though service training before they step on the floor for us. We want to ensure that you will always have a knowledgeable, professional staff of ladies and gentlemen with positive attitudes.

The "Chef Experience"

We will send you a custom menu based on information that you provide on a menu questionnaire, but you will always have an opportunity to discuss your menu with our Chef in person or on the telephone. We want you to explore all of the possibilities of your menu and to create ideas as a collaborative effort based on your taste and budget. 

There is never a dull moment at the Très L.A. kitchen as we are constantly testing, compressing, dehydrating, evaporating and sometimes sphering. For the Très L.A. Kitchen team, it's about being playful with the classics and continuously creating new and adventurous menus. 

The "Tiny Noticeable Touches"

We love the tiny touches. We make our own ice cream, roll butter with seasonal herbs, have nice sea salts on the tables, provide warm house made baskets of bread. We know that these small details have a large impact on the guests' overall experience. It doesn't matter if your guest count is 50 or 500, we won't overlook the "TNT".


Like most college kids, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I started school. I grew up in Dallas, Texas and worked my way through the University of North Texas waiting tables and bartending. I enjoyed the work, but it was a means to an end and at the time, I really didn’t think of it as a life’s ambition. I finished with an Economics degree and enough knowledge to know that I didn’t want to be an Economist.

My real education began the week after I graduated from college. I sold my car and bought a one-way ticket to Paris and traveled through Europe and Asia for over a year. In every way, this time in my life brought me an awareness and appreciation for other cultures that I don’t think I could have ever absorbed had I stayed in my hometown.

When I came back to the States, I enrolled in the NYC theatre school Circle in the Square. I spent the next five years in New York as a quintessential struggling actor; which meant I was also a waiter and bartender.

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but I landed a job as a Food and Beverage Manager at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. It soon led to me taking a position as the Food & Beverage Director at The Standard's sister property––the iconic Chateau Marmont Hotel. After several years of providing hospitality and cuisine in a way that caters to the specific tastes of the most discriminating clientele in Los Angeles, With this experience, I felt confident in starting a brand of my own. A catering company at the highest level, paring exceptional cuisine with luxury hotel-caliber service. Tres L.A. was created in 2003.

With the Tres L.A Group, my driving principle has been to leverage my past experience and deliver the same level of service, detail and visual appeal for our clients and their guests that I learned while working in the boutique hotel and restaurant industry. At the same time, foster a positive and spirited work culture for employees to grow and feel as if they are part of something more meaningful than just a stepping-stone in their journey.

In 2011 I purchased what is now known as The Carondelet House and in 2015, I purchased The Ebell of Long Beach. In 2020 we opened our doors at The Mason, Dallas.  I approached the remodeling and design of each venue as a blank canvas where I could fully curate every aspect of my work experience, my education and my travels. I’d like to think the venues have become a pure expression of my vision as a host––warm, inviting, stylish and above all else, timeless.


As Managing Director of Trés LA Group, Rob Pausmith brings over 20 Years of hospitality and event experience to the team. He uniquely pairs his sense of taste, design, and culture with an ability to deliver seamless event production and customized catered experiences. Presiding and managing over 500 events a year with the team, Rob is a very well-respected industry veteran. From large-scale corporate events to lavish weddings, his dedication to preparedness and attention to detail ensures that every event is expertly handled. Rob creates magic with his clients, and fully believes in his motto, “Only the best...for the best!”


Our Director of Production and Design, Megan Tupper brings a balance of creativity and organization to the team that is unparalleled. Her tranquil demeanor shines from the beginning stages of the event through completion, which gives our clients and vendor partnerships a voice of comfort in what can often be a hurried working environment. She blends her artistic background with strong roots in hospitality to produce new ways of thinking in terms of presentation, service, and the overall guest experience. Megan believes food is inspiration, it is deep and meaningful. Her desire to continue growth within the industry and true passion for food is what sets her as a cut above the rest.


Born and raised in Cuernavaca, Mexico, known as the “City of Eternal Spring”, Julio’s passion for cooking has been shaped by the vibrant, complex, and unique flavors stemming from his mother’s kitchen and her garden. At home, he enjoys combining authentic Latin ingredients with international flavors utilizing inventive culinary techniques to create flavorful and stimulating meals.

Self-taught and mother approved, Julio’s 15-year culinary career began in the restaurant industry of Chicago and expanded to climbing the ladder in the catering world of Los Angeles from the ground up. He is seasoned in orchestrating both large-scale events as well as intimate dining experiences for various discerning clients including political figures, business moguls, and Hollywood A-listers.

Julio holds a bachelor’s degree in business with focus on hospitality management. He is passionate about culinary arts and using sustainable, local, and organic ingredients. He’s an avid tea drinker with a sophisticated palate for pure teas but occasionally experiments with various creative tisanes.

Julio's passion for food has been manifested through the elevation of the Tres L.A. Catering brand.  Since he has been at the helm, Tres L.A. Catering has been recognized as the "Best Catering Company" in Los Angeles at the CWD Awards and he has received multiple accolades and mentions in industry publications.  The foundation of the Tres L.A. experience is through Julio's creative culinary vision.  


A desert girl at heart, our Event Sales Manager for Ebell Long Beach, Jen MacLean exudes warmth to everyone she meets. She brings a level of expertise to the Trés LA team, as she has called Ebell home for going on 6 years. With over 300 weddings under her belt, her skilled strengths and lovely ambition ensure that no detail will go unnoticed. Jen’s welcoming personality, true smile, and willingness to give of herself establishes relationships that may start as clients, but inevitably become more like good friends. She has a passion for gathering people together and a strong cup of coffee. 



A Los Angeles native with South American roots, Carolina is a natural-born “people person” who has a skill set that goes well beyond her studies in psychology. With meticulous attention to detail, Carolina has played a significant role in developing, staffing and overseeing multiple corporate foodservice accounts.

As an avid traveler, Carolina has seen most of the world and has developed an appreciation for the people, culture and cuisine of many other countries. She believes that sharing a meal with friends or colleagues, even in a work setting, should be a cherished experience. Wherever the environment may be, Carolina’s goal is to create the highlight of your day.  


Travis was born and raised in Houston but is a Southern California native at heart. With a previous sales background, Travis made his mark in the marketing industry by fueling substantial growth for a tech start-up through brand development, marketing strategy and the use of social media. Travis' passion for photography evolved into a useful tool to help curate brand content on multiple platforms.

Travis has a deep love of surfing and enjoys the unwavering solitude and revitalization it offers. He has dedicated his life to continue learning to overcome any obstacle and lives by the saying, “Don’t limit your challenge, challenge your limits.”


Elise Prizzi is a fresh face to Trés LA as our Production Manager. With over 8 years in the hospitality business, her quick thinking and ability to problem solve make her a driving force. She brings excellent organization skills and innovation to the team while managing our in-house operations to greatness. Her detail-oriented nature ensures that our venues and off-site productions run smoothly. Elise gives her all, so our clients can rest assured that every noticeable touch is handled.


As HR and Staffing Manager, Shannon Truex is the backbone of our service here at Trés LA. Her leadership style begins with a positive attitude and is full of contagious enthusiasm. Shannon brings over 6 years of onsite event management experience combined with the development and implementing of training programs in both corporate and family owned restaurants. Her knowledge of serving, bartending, and captaining has ensured that she is equipped with strong skills within every aspect of front-of-house service. Her compassion and genuine ambition are what cultivates an environment of dedication amongst our team.

Nichelle O'Brien    Sales Manager, Carondelet House

Nichelle comes to Carondelet House with 14 years of experience in hospitality with 10 of those years in the events industry. Her experience has been shaped through the running of her own event planning company, venue management, and catering sales management. Her passion for events combined with her sensible personality, allows her to make genuine connections with both clients and vendors. Nichelle remains realistic and positive in even the most stressful of situations, which is just a small part of what helps make her events so successful. She captures the well needed balance of calm and joy that is so needed in the leadership of the industry.

Regan Olson               Sales Manager,         The Mason Dallas

Regan comes to The Mason Dallas with enthusiasm to establish Trés LA Group’s newest special events venue in Dallas, Texas. She is an esteemed professional with a diverse background in healthcare consulting and business development, with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences and lasting impressions. She enjoys taking on new challenges and thrives on building long-lasting relationships with industry friends and clients. Regan strives to embrace innovative and problem-solving techniques to address each client's goals and objectives to create the most flawless event possible.