Jeff and Ericka’s elegant black and white wedding at Ebell Long Beach is featured on Southern California Bride and we are thrilled!

“This wedding was close to my heart. My relationship with Jeff goes back 10 plus years and to be able to capture such a beautiful wedding that him and Ericka will have the rest of their lives means the world to me. The love they have for one another is just contagious and not only do you see it you feel it. I couldn’t help but keep a smile on my face all day long.

The Ebell of Long Beach is nothing short of amazing. Every last detail in that building is beautiful. From the tile, the furniture, and the decor you could see why Jeff and Ericka picked this location. It was the perfect match for ...

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I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of goat cheese (mainly because I am not a fan of goats themselves).

Recently at a dinner party of mine I decided to give goat cheese another try. While preparing the menu I wanted to create a salad that was light and sweet to offset the kick of Pico De Gallo Chicken as the entree.

With Strawberry season coming to a close, I wanted to use them as much as possible along with blueberries.

Here is my creation! Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad!



  1. Spinach

  2. Strawberries (Cut into smaller pieces)

  3. Blueberries (any other berry works)

  4. Goat Cheese

  5. Sweet Balsamic Dressing (I love Newman’s!)

Tip: To add more crunch, add walnuts!

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Growing up on a farm in Ohio like I did, there are many words to describe the droppings of animals. One in particular that stands out to me is Gooseberries. The Canadian Geese loved to hang out around our farm and swim in the pond down the road. I remember the road being covered in little black balls and my dad would say “look at all those gooseberries!”

Yesterday I came across a new meaning to this hilarious word. It’s an actual berry!

This tomato wannabe loves the warm air and sunshine (much like myself). From beginnings in Brazil, to Peru and eventually to Southern California, Gooseberries pack a punch of tart/sweet flavor.

To tell they are ripe Gooseberries turn from green to a golden/orange color with a tan outer husk. If planted in your home, be sure they get lots of sunlight and room to spread their vines.


What to do with a Gooseberry you ask? Well I have a couple recipes for you!

  • For the Sweet Tooth

    • Lemon Verbena Tart with Gooseberry Compote

    • Find the link to this delicious recipe here!

  • For the Dinner Table

    • Cape Gooseberry Pico di Gallo over Grilled Chicken

    • Find the link to this hearty recipe here!

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