Los Angeles, California can arguably be considered the special events capital of the world.  With an abundance of events tied to the entertainment industry, fashion industry, art world and a thriving social scene, there is not a night of the year without a major event taking place somewhere in the city.  Los Angeles catering companies have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the busiest markets in the world, but in order to stand out, they must continually provide excellent food, flawless service and fresh ideas.

Catering to celebrities and recognizable companies is almost inevitable in a cosmopolitan city, but cultivating a roster of clients with the most discriminating tastes and demanding expectations can ultimately serve as a  testimonial to our capabilities. Our resume includes catered events for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Cher, HRH Prince Andrew, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Chanel, Disney and Dom Perignon, just to name a few. We hope that you will join our valued client list and get a first hand experience of what makes Tres L.A. distinctively different.