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Deviled Advocate


Playing devil’s advocate, if you will, this recipe for deviled eggs offers a new take on the staple party food. They are not your traditional deviled eggs but they do have classic deviled egg flavors. For one, the recipe forgoes hard-boiling for medium-boiling, in order to get a runny, velvety texture on the yolk. Top each off with a sprinkle of paprika and fresh dill and it’s bound to be one of those hors d’oeurves that your guests will be hoarding on their small plates.

12 eggs
1/3 cup good mayonnaise
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp white vinegar
½ shallot (minced)
Fresh dill (chopped)
Paprika (or substitute with a daring dash of spicy cayenne pepper)
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Place a single layer of eggs in a pot with enough water to completely cover the eggs. Bring water to boil and lower heat to a very gentle simmer. Cook eggs for 6 – 7 minutes, then immediately remove from heat and place in an ice bath to stop cooking process. Peel the eggs and slice the eggs in half. Season the top of eggs with salt and pepper to taste. Combine mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar and chopped shallots and place a dollop on each egg. Add sprinkle of paprika (or cayenne pepper) and fresh chopped dill. Deviled deliciousness!